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The Armourline Advantage

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Environmentally responsible


Plastics commonly draw criticism for being polluters, emitting harmful chemicals and breaking down into complex chemical pollutants over a very long period of time. For many other products that is true; however, Armourline products are fully recyclable and adhere to the highest environmental standards. For full details about our commitment to the environment, visit our ENVIRONMENT PAGE.  

Ultra-high impact resistant


Armourline manufactures a range of products that are designed for industrial and institutional use.  We install products to protect chiller walls from forklift impact, and products to protect race horses in equine hospitals from damaging themselves kicking through walls.

​Our confidence in these products is achieved through extensive in-house testing to determine that what we sell, really does hold up on site. Yes, we really do perform “ram tests” with a forklift to guarantee our products.



Armourline polymer products offer excellent infection control properties.  They are manufactured from food grade, high density polyethylene, similar to the material used in the manufacture of water tanks, food and drink containers and medical equipment. Armourline products display some of the lowest rates of water, chemical and bacteria absorption of any surfaces in the world.


Low cleaning cost


Armourline products will clean best with warm soapy water and a microfiber cloth. Nothing else is required.

If unscratched, our products will clean to as new condition year after year after year.

Low maintenance cost


Armourline products are solid colour throughout (homogeneous), if scratching occurs the colour underneath remains the same. Minor damage is repairable with little effort.  All our products deliver a huge cost benefit to the facility they are installed in through never requiring painting.

​UV stable


Armourline products are manufactured here in Australia for Australian conditions. We use UV stabilizers tailored to suit our environment. This means that our products will not break down or discolour in UV light. 

Temperature range


Armourline provides products to suit the environment where they will be installed.  We have products in service at -40 degree C  in blast freezers and others that are pressure washed with 90 degree C  water and chlorine without effect.

Concealed fixings


Armourline products are all made to accommodate concealed fixing for use in infection controlled and food grade areas. 

User Comfort


Armourline products have no odour and will not gas off as do many plastics (that new car smell, new carpet or new paint).  We experience zero staff complaints for odour and in fact use highly specialized adhesives that allow us to install in occupied intensive care wards.

High accuracy robotic fabrication


Armourline uses robotic technology to allow us to fabricate with very high accuracy and low costs that are passed on to our customers. Our purpose built software for our Armourline Door Frame fabrication is incredibly fast and accurate.  This software allows us to guarantee that every door frame will be produced exactly as ordered.  


Our Production Guarantee means that every door frame will fit every time. 

Environmentally Responsible
Ultra-Impact Resistant
Easy Cleaning
Low Maintenance
UV Stable
Temperature Resistant
Concealed Fixings
Robotic Fabrication
User comfort
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