Armourline Door Frames

Uniquely designed and robotically manufactured polymer door frames that have many advantages over conventional metal or timber door frames.


Can be supplied in easy-to-assemble kit form

  • Cost effective against painted metal door frames

  • Able to be fitted after wet seal in wet areas construction, unlike metal door frames that cause wet areas to FAIL

  • High impact resistance without chipping or flaking.

  • Fast and easy retrofitting without the need for plastering or painting

  • Homogeneous material requires no painting EVER

  • Easy clean over and over again without the use of chemical cleaners

  • Able to remain in constant service at temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius and as low as to -40 degrees Celsius

  • UV stable, will not fade, discolour or become brittle or chalky

  • Unaffected by termite, mould or fungal attack

  • Impervious to almost all chemicals, acids, cleaning agents and graffiti

  • Manufactured from Food Grade HDPE polymer. Testing and approval by USA FDA, as suitable for food packaging.

  • Environmentally sustainable, 100% recyclable, over and over again

  • Completely impervious to long term water submersion

  • Unaffected by high salt environments​

  • All door frames are made quickly and exactly to the client’s bespoke requirements  

  • Door frames are supplied coloured and pre-fitted with hinges and striker plates, ready for door hanging

  • Suitable for electric strikes (electronic door locks). See accompanying image.

  • Manufactured to accommodate all door configurations including sliding doors

  • Options available for installation cut outs to suit all popular electric strikes

  • Available in standard colours and any other colour by arrangement with larger orders

  • Australian Made, Australian Materials, Australian Owned

  • Five Year Manufacturers Replacement Warranty

Available with pre-processed cutouts for electric strikes where electronic locking is required


Armourline Door Frame Colours

Our door frames are available in the following stock colours,
however any colour can be provided with volume orders. 

Call us on  0418 986 981 to enquire.

Dulux Vivid White

Dulux Pipe Clay

Dulux Paving Stone

Please note: Colours swatches are unlikely to display accurately on your computer screen.
Please contact Armourline for free samples.

Watch this space...   More colours available soon!



Wet Area Failure

While bathrooms may be adequately wet sealed at the junction of floor to walls, the metal door frame is always installed prior to wet seal and therefore cannot be wet sealed behind.  This frame fails at the base where the flooring is merely silicone to the door frame, the wall frame then fills with water and the damage is evident.  


An Armourline Door Frame allows the wet seal to be done before door frame installation, in fact in many cases the Armourline Frame is installed even after flooring and paint.  For an investment of an additional $100 or so above the cost of a painted metal door frame, this $38000 bathroom refurbishment would have been avoided.

This Hospital bathroom appears to be in reasonable condition!

On closer inspection, there is a failure at the metal door frame!

When the wall sheeting is stripped away, the extent of damage is revealed, with water dripping into the rooms below, black mould inside the wall cavity and heavily rusted metal studwork.  


The Culprit...


The Solution...


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