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Here at Armourline, we take the impact we have on our environment very seriously, we manufacture from 100% recyclable HDPE, the same material used in drink bottles, food containers and cutting boards.  

Recycling Commitment


  • Our products, unlike many other plastic products are able to be fully recycled many times over.  

  • Our new factory is sealed and temperature controlled to ensure no loss of materials to the atmosphere or waterways.  

  • All of our waste is sent for recycling, giving it the first of many new lives it will have as other products. Because we are able to capture all our waste material in the factory and send it to recycling, we send less to landfill each week than the average Australian household.

  • We offer our customers a buy-back scheme to ensure that when the product has reached the end of its life cycle, we will purchase it back at a nominal cost to ensure it is sent for recycling instead of becoming land fill.  In this way we capture all of our product and our waste for recycling throughout the whole of its life cycle.

  • Our commitment to recycling is documented in our Recycling and Re-use Policy and that commitment is externally audited for compliance to the International Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9001 2015. 

  • Armourline has voluntarily engaged external auditors (starting in mid 2019) to monitor and audit our environmental controls and credentials. This accreditation will be at an international ISO standard, dedicated solely to environmental international and certify us to an international ISO accreditation. Our clients can be secure in the decision to purchase Armourline products knowing that they are not contributing to environmental damage.  

Whole of Life Cost


Maintenance painting uses paints made up of thinners and water born chemicals within acrylic paints that pose a massive threat to our environment during their manufacture and use.  The chalky appearance of paint as it degrades with sun and age is the breaking down of those chemicals into micro particles, that then enter our atmosphere and waterways. Our products are UV stabilized to not become chalky or break down during their lifespan.

Maintenance painting is a necessary and costly burden of conventional products, most especially door frames and wall sheeting. Because our products never require painting and have a very long life span, they represent a significantly lower 'Whole of Life Cost' than other conventional materials that require continued cleaning, painting and maintenance.  

Low Chemical Usage


Our products are manufactured from Food Grade HDPE and offer excellent infection control properties, they are easily cleanable without the use of harsh chemical cleaners.  In general use, our products clean best with biodegradable warm soapy water and nothing else, saving our planet the unnecessary chemical pollutants commonly found in harsh chemical cleaners.  

Low Carbon Footprint


The very low “Whole of Life Cost” of our products, combined with the low usage of thinners, paints and cleaning chemicals represents a very low carbon footprint imposed by our product in comparison to all other alternatives. 


At the end of their life cycle, our products can be fully recycled over and contribute nothing to landfill, waterways or atmosphere.

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