Armourline Crash Edges  -   ON-SITE Service

  • Armourline now provides a service to install Crash Edges to existing doors in a facility

  • This specialist process removes each door for an hour, returning it fully fitted with Crash Edges, locks, hinges and hardware etc.  It does not harm existing paint and the door is refitted totally ready for use.

  • Damage to the edge of doors can be eliminated permanently removing the need for patching and painting

  • The process can be performed in fully occupied rooms without inconvenience or safety implication

  • Removes the issue of non-compliant exposed damaged timber


Before Crash Edges


After Crash Edges

  • This process may be limited by doors that have Push Plates or Kick Plates fitted

  • Rebated doors are available ex-factory with Crash Edges, this service is currently not available for rebated doors ON-SITE